NamaSLAY Podcast – Bedtime Chats!

Hello my loves!

The newest NamaSLAY podcast just dropped on iTunes last night and this one I get a little vulnerable with ya’ll. I decided to be open and share a few things that I have been dealing with recently and some realizations I had last night around them. You can listen to it hear on the soundcloud link below or on iTunes under ‘The NamaSLAY Podcast”. ENJOY MY LOVELIES!!!

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The NamaSLAY Podcast

Oh hey there my loves!

The NamaSLAY podcast is here! You can listen to the NamaSLAY Podcast on Soundcloud or ITunes! Here are the links:

And here is a sample: xoxox

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PEEKS streaming schedule plus NamaSLAY update!


As I mentioned on the Just Love Facebook page…I have been working on redesigning my video series “Namaslay”. After a few weeks, finally, this Wednesday, you will get the first sneak peak as to what I have been working on.

Below is my PEEKS streaming schedule for the week. Check it out, come hang with me and lets have a fab week together!

Sending you all so much love, light and motivation to tackle those goals!!!

Peeks schedule for the week:
Monday: 5pm – Mid-day meditation
Tuesday: 3pm – Goal Chat.
Wednesday: 3pm – Namaslay
Thursday: 11am – Morning Meditation.
Friday: 3pm – Relationships
Sat& Sun: 11am. Be there or be somewhere not as exciting 😀

xoxo Melissa



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