How to: Embrace Negative People

EmbracenegativepplGrowing up and becoming the person that I am today, I dealt with many bumps in the road. One of my biggest struggles was around not knowing how to deal with negative attitudes.

For a few years I found myself avoiding many people because of their attitudes and interests. I had a very hard time hanging out with so many people because I was afraid of their moods or current attitudes rubbing off on me. Anyone that would talk and complain about their problems…hell I completely shut you out for a while. Now is the moment where I must apologize for being so hard on you!

Not everyone is happy 24/7. This will seem obvious to the majority of the public, but to me, I had a hard time believing that. I believed to my core that happiness is something we can choose and even though I do still stand by that belief, I know now that happiness is only easy to choose when it becomes a habit. Our world is in the habit of thinking negatively. Thinking, speaking and doing negative things is apart of the social norm. Its such a normal habit for some people that they don’t even realize that they are doing it. That is exactly where I would like to begin my first piece of advice on how to embrace negativity.

  1. Be Compassionate- As I mentioned before, most people are just unaware that they are doing anything negative. They don’t understand that their thoughts, feelings, and actions are creating their life and how can anyone ever improve themselves if they are not truly aware of themselves. So show them some compassion. It is not their fault and if you feel so inclined, you could try and speak to them about their negative ways. Some people are a little touchy about things like that so it would be best to filter yourself according to that person. Regardless, showing them compassion will in turn, help you feel in a more loving state and that should be your ultimate goal, as Love has a way of shielding us from negativity and making us strong enough to fight off fear.
  2. Consider everything a sign – When I come across someone complaining or upset about something, I always take it as a sign to check in with myself and review what I’ve been thinking and feeling. When we are thinking positively and feeling great, people on a fear based energy tend to disappear from our lives. That is the law of attraction and so when you become aware of this, you can control your life by taking control of your thoughts and feelings. So instead of getting annoyed or mad when you hear an argument in the future, try to become aware of yourself and think about what you have been feeling or thinking through out the day and try to adjust it so that you are on a more happier frequency.
  3. Meditate and be Proactive: It’s easy to accept peoples faults when you begin to accept your own. By proactively trying to change your life and the way you see things, you will find it easier to love and accept those who can’t or won’t change. Meditation is a great way to help you stay present and to help you open yourself up for loving energies.
  4. Put yourself out there – For those of you who may deal with anxieties revolving around negativity (I use to suffer with social anxiety disorder so I understand you), the best cure to your anxiety is to just put yourself out there. I use to stop going out with friends because I was so scared about how they would affect me. Eventually I decided that I was just going to say yes to every invite and most of the time, I would end up having a positive experience because I was proud of myself for even going. If you ever feel overwhelmed though, find yourself a quiet place for a few mins and just relax. Think of your goals and think of the reasons you love this moment and move yourself into a state of gratitude. That can help shift you on to a more positive energy frequency .
  5. Start your day with a Positive Intention: Sometimes, starting off with a loving intention can really help turning someones negative attitude into a positive one. For example, a good intention may be “I am going to sincerely compliment everyone I hang with today or I am going to send everyone love through a big hug when I greet them’. Starting off your morning with a loving intention, can direct your day into becoming a positive one.

Finally, my last piece of advice for embracing negative attitudes, is to remember that no one can truly affect you unless you let them. Our world begins with how we see it in our minds, so if you don’t like your world…create a better one for yourself. Show love and compassion and the world will reward you with a beautiful life.

Lots of Love,

Melissa ♡

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