My “Just Love” Story

My Just Love Story

Dear Readers,

Last year I began the journey of committing to a life of love. Now you may say, “Ok…that’s a little broad, what does that even mean?” Well, when I decided to commit to it, I didn’t exactly know myself; all I knew was that I no longer wanted to give hate a moment of my time. All I knew was that hate made me feel bad, and love made me feel good…and I just didn’t have time to feel bad anymore.

I first decided that I would try to spread love among everyone I came across. The moment I decided this, my world began to magically change. People on the streets would respond to me positively, people at work would be loving towards me, and anything that wasn’t serving my life of love, found a way to fade out of my life.

Not to say that those things weren’t love or loving, but they simply weren’t understanding my wave length and therefore, they suddenly weren’t a part of it. I have been a strong believer in the law of attraction, and it simply states that what you think about you bring about. If you are thinking good, loving thoughts, you will bring about other people that are thinking good loving thoughts. That’s just how it works. I’ll touch more on this another time.

When you are sending out vibrations of love and you choose to see everyone and everything with love, you will see your life transform. Anyone in my past or in my present, I now send love to and the interesting thing about doing that, is suddenly, any sadness or guilt just floats away.

I next realized that the second ingredient to living a life of love, the ingredient that makes you truly happy, is making sure that you fall in love with yourself. Making sure, that as you are doing whatever you can to spread love around the world, you are also doing what you can to spread love within yourself. Whether its feeding yourself organic food, exercising or reading what you can to learn something new. All of these things will help raise your confidence and will help you fall in love with your beautiful self.

The biggest roadblock when committing to a life of love will probably be judgement. Judgement can be hard to overcome as it has become a societal norm. We make judgements on clothing, body image, attractiveness, career choices, personality, etc… all things that just don’t matter when your living a life of love. Judgement is the opposite of loving someone. Love doesn’t care about who a person is, or where they came from or what actions they decide to take…love just accepts and appreciates them for who they are. Love acknowledges that we are all souls underneath these layers of skin and bone, and on that level, we are all equal.

When striving to live a life of love, we will not be perfect. Actually, we will be perfectly imperfect with every decision we make. We are only human and we may find ourselves falling upon the path of judgement every so often. But what matters is that we find a way to remind ourselves or encourage ourselves to stay loving and to actively spread love; then hopefully one day judgement will no longer be a habit for us.

So I hope you decide to take this journey with me. Committing to a life of love has been my biggest achievement yet and it has transformed my eyes to see this beautiful life as a blessing.
So if you should take away anything from this blog then remember this equation:

Self Love + Actively Spreading Love Among Others = Happiness. Aka. It is the equation for living a kick ass, incredible life.

I will be posting blogs about what you can do, watch, read, eat and create to help you stay committed to living a life of love. I’m extremely excited to get started and I hope you will come along for the ride!

Lots of Love,

Melissa ♡

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