Today Is Beautiful Because … #Ilovemylife


If I could describe my perfect morning, it usually starts off with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and silence. I’ve always connected with the saying, “silence is golden”, because it is in silence, that I find myself at peace with life.

In a moment of silence, it can be very easy to reflect on what you’re grateful for. So this is what I am proposing that you do today: Find 5 mins in your day to sit down and think about what you love about your life. This could be anything you love…I love my new car…I love my hair…I’m grateful for my home and my friends…etc.

Getting yourself into an attitude of gratitude, will not only alter your day immediately into a fulfilling one, but it will help attract to you other people and things that you want in life. That 5 mins of gratitude could alter your entire week and alter the week of many others. I have found that positivity works like a chain reaction…if you decide to be positive, then you will rub off on someone else…who will rub off on someone else…who will rub off on someone else. So really, the decision to take 5 mins of silence to think about what you’re grateful for, is the decision to make a small change in the energy of the world.

I have started a forum that you can click on, in my top menu bar, called, “#Ilovemylife“. Under this forum, I would like us to start a habit of writing what we love about our life. I’ve created this section for those of us who may not have the opportunity to escape our offices or classes, but really want to get to an attitude of gratitude immediately. It is also a place for us to share our daily achievements. There is a stigma around telling people your accomplishments and I’m tired of it. If you want to share that you have received a promotion, then you should!!!! YOU GO GIRL/GUY! I will rejoice with you and I will never think that you are bragging, because that way of thinking is simply showing a lack of love.

I look forward to hearing about what you’re grateful for and I wish you nothing but a fabulous day!

Lots of Love,




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