Introducing the newest Just Love team member… <3

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Happy Monday to all you Just Love readers out there!

My name is Julie and I am so honoured to be writing for the Just Love motivational Monday post for today!!

So first off? Who got up early this morning? …And early isn’t a set time that I want to define. By early, I mean, who got up at a time where they felt refreshed, excited for the day (hard on a Monday, I know), energized and at a time that was good for you.

I’ve recently struggled with poor sleep hygiene and I’m sooo not a morning person. I’d like to be, and I hope I can be (more on that later ?), but I’ve learned that we can’t obsess too much about the numerical time, but more so the time that feels good to us and our souls.

For those of you who did get up “early” today, I’m so proud of you! Didn’t you get to accomplish so much more throughout your Monday?! And for those of you who didn’t, don’t worry. And I mean that in the most sincerest way possible. Just Love is going to help you get there! Luckily I had plans to meet with the lovely Melissa Melottey this morning at 9am which realistically turned in to 9:35am because well we just accepted life for what it is. So basically read this quote (below), get inspired and stay tuned for some amazing tips and tricks to better your sleep hygiene!

Shout out to Meliss for this amazing opportunity. I hope I didn’t scare anyone away ? because in the end, I Just Love ❤️

Sleep well my friends and have the best night!

Jules xo

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