Healthy comes in many different Shapes and Sizes.

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I have always been a skinny gal. My father is very tall and skinny and I of course have the same bone structure as him. I also danced for more then half of my life and since dance, I have continued to be active by going to the gym and running a lot. But besides that, you may be surprised that I was never very healthy.

All of my life people would look at me and say, “Eat a hamburger your too skinny!” or “Oh my gosh, have you lost weight again?“. The truth is, I probably was loosing weight, but its because I was lacking nutrition from all the junk food I would consume.

Life was always very busy at my house. I was a full time performer; singing, acting and dancing everyday of the week, while my brother was in competitive hockey. My mom, being the kind of person that she is, would let us do it all and because of that, we would have a lot of quick meals to get us by. Not to say that she wouldn’t cook healthy meals because she certainly did, but we were out of the house a lot so there wasn’t a lot of time to eat home cooked meals. Not to mention our metabolism was always fast and so we would need to snack every hour or so.

These habits continued on to university where all of my uni friends could tell you how I had a snack with me during each class. Usually chocolate or sour candies was my snack of choice and then by the end of the class, I probably was so tired that I needed another snack just to stay awake.

I developed a lifestyle that I only recently realized that I had been living to eat…instead of eating to live. I began to develop all kinds of physical problems such as knee aches, hip aches, back aches, stomach sicknesses, bloating, depression, anxiety and the list goes on.

My point of telling you this is so that you can see that healthy isn’t skinny. Just because I am skinny doesn’t mean that I am healthy and healthy is what we should be aiming for.

Healthy comes in many shapes and sizes. Did you know that the saying “He is big-boned” is actually a scientific fact! Bones come in many different shapes and sizes. Regardless of how much weight I put on for example, I will always be small boned and people may never notice it as much as someone who already has bigger bones. But that doesn’t mean I’m necessarily healthy. I know so many people who are healthier then me and they aren’t my size…but that’s just because they have bigger bones then me.

So lets strive to be healthy. If you’re already healthy then forget about how gorgeous you think Katie Crewes body is (LOVE her Insta: @KatieCrewe) and take a look at your body and say “DAMN, I am beautiful and I am what healthy looks like!”

If your not healthy at the moment then figure out what you can change to get to where you want to be, but forget about your shape and size. Loving yourself includes understanding your body type and appreciating it for what it is. Get active for you…eat a salad for you. Do what you can to make you happy and healthy.

What does healthy look like to you? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? These are questions that you should ask yourself and hopefully they help you get on track.

We’re all beautiful and if you take anything from this blog, I hope you will know that fat or skinny doesn’t exist when you focus on loving yourself and becoming healthy for you.

I hope you guys have a fabulous week and as always I’m sending you all so much love!

Melissa ♡

Shapes and sizes photo cred goes to Trinny & Susannah





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