You’ve been Friend-Zoned


Being friend-zoned is not fun. I’ve been friend-zoned a few times in my life and every time, it has sucked. You feel rejected, unloved and sad, all of which are not fun. I’m not here to tell you that being friend-zoned can be fun, but to tell you that it’s ok to sit in your emotions and feel sad about it. It’s ok to be sad! Life isn’t always rainbows and smiles. Life is filled with many different moments that bring out a whole bucket of different emotions…and if you’re a Gemini, then a few different personalities as well (ba-dum tchh…I’m a Gemini). So let yourself feel. To feel means to be alive, and know that you’re sad only because of the lack of love in the situation, not because you can’t be loved.

You, my dear, are the most lovable person in the world. Every person is capable of giving and receiving love…it’s up to you whether you do or don’t.

Everything happens for a reason. There’s a lesson behind every door and most often, things work out in our favor. So you didn’t get this girl or guy… but perhaps someone even better is waiting behind door number two.

Of course that can be really hard to fathom when you’re sad, but with time, and some focus on yourself, you will see it clearly.

Another thing you can do that will help with the pain is to picture your significant other surrounded by love. Try to ignore those feelings of anger or annoyance towards them, and decide to love them regardless of how they feel towards you. Putting yourself in a place where you can feel love, not only helps you feel better but it helps heal the situation 10 times faster than if you were to stay angry or ignore the other person. Force yourself to eat right, go to the gym or go for a walk around the block…all of these things have helped get me into a more loving mindset and I know they work for everyone. Pushing yourself is the main key though. If you don’t push yourself and do something different, you may never get a different result. Practice makes progress and with a little practice, you may find this advice to be very helpful.

So remember to not be so hard on yourself. If you find yourself in a situation like this, breathe, sit with your emotions, enjoy life, and try to send love to the other person, regardless of the situation. You will find the perfect love for you one day and if you don’t, maybe your journey was to learn to love yourself? Love is everywhere, so do yourself a favor and open your heart to it!

I hope you all have a fabulous week and as always, I’m sending you so much love!

Melissa ♡





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