Monday’s Motivational Mail

Happy Monday Everyone and Welcome to Monday Motivation Mail!!!

What am I grateful for today?
Let’s take one min to write down three things.

I am grateful for rainy days.
I am grateful for green smoothies.
I am grateful for the pretty fall trees.

Weekly task:

Hello my loves!

This weeks task is to learn to set boundaries. One of the most freeing things we can do for ourselves is to learn when to say no and to listen to our hearts. I am someone that a lot of people rely on. I have made myself into that person as I feel that it is my duty in life to help people. But in being that person, I sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort that people are accustomed to receiving from me. Sometimes I just can’t be there for everyone, because I have to be there for myself.

In the summer, I learned this lesson and I learned that setting boundaries, is the only way that I can stay sane haha. The guilt was overwhelming me and there came a point where something hit me and I realized, that I had to change. I had to learn that I am not perfect and that no-matter how I try, I just can’t be the perfect daughter or friend that I see in the movies. I had to learn that as we get older, we all have our own lives to live and you don’t always get to hang around your close buds 24/7 like you did in school. But if they’re your true friends, then they will love you regardless, and every time you meet, you will pick up where you last left off. That is what it means to truly love a friend…to love and accept them as they are.

So lets make a pact right now and decide together that we will take some time this week to listen to what our bodies and minds truly need. Lets decide that we will set some boundaries and know that as long as you keep spreading love, the people who truly love you, will understand and come back to you.

I hope you all have a fabulous week and as always, I’m sending you so much love!

Lots of Love,

Melissa Melottey ♡


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