How to: Find a job that feeds your soul

This is blog dedicated to anyone who may be stuck in a job that they don’t necessarily love.


As most of you know, I am an actress. Acting is my passion and it helps make me feel whole. Another passion that you may know of…I love to help people; hence my site dedicated to helping people fall in love with themselves.

Being an actress that hasn’t fully established herself yet, can have it’s pros and cons. Such as, when I don’t book anything or when I don’t get any auditions, there’s a lot of sitting around and doing nothing. For a person who has always been motivated to be the best at what she loves, you can imagine how heartbreaking it is for me to sit still and wait.

It can be extremely unfulfilling to not be doing what you love. So I’ve had to find other ways of fulfilling my soul while I wait. I use to do any and every job I could find to make money in my spare time…but eventually I realized that I’m not motivated by money and these jobs weren’t contributing to my happiness.

So one of the first things I decided to do is to get a job as a princess. Yes I mean a PRINCESS. I am a Princess that performs at children’s events and birthday parties. This job has allowed me to continue to develop my acting skills and it gave me the opportunity to spread love to children everywhere; To teach them how to be kind and love one another. This job has made my life significantly happier because it has incorporated two of my biggest passions. I no longer feel down when I don’t get to act, because I have found a job that allows me to do what I love all the time.

Do you have a job that feeds your soul? If you don’t, why don’t you brainstorm right now what you could do on the side, that would bring you happiness. Maybe you could start you’re own business and who knows, that small business could end up being a full-time job that you love. Even if there’s no way that you can get paid for doing what you love at the moment, perhaps just push yourself to do it anyway, just for the purpose of making yourself happier. You could even imagine yourself getting paid for doing what your doing, and you never know, maybe one day you will have an inspired thought, where you will figure out how to make that happen.

Making choices that specifically revolve around your happiness (Ie. doing what you love) is the first step to finding a job that feeds your soul. Once you start doing things that you know will bring you happiness, then it will soon become clear to you what job options may be in those fields.

I have been lucky to know all of my life that I want to perform. But like I said, the acting world can be very slow at times and I need to make sure that I continue to feel fulfilled even when I can’t do what I love. If you’re someone who doesn’t know what you ultimately want to do, then don’t fret, the next step you should take would be to start with a list of hobbies that you love right now.
Start with a small list and commit to doing those hobbies for a few weeks until you discover what you love the most. In this internet world, there seems to be a job for everyone these days…so never think that you’re stuck in the job that you have. If your still thinking “But I don’t really have any hobbies”…then now is the time to push yourself to try some new things.

The last thing I would suggest is for you to figure out how you would want to feel when you have the perfect job. Personally, I would want to feel creative, challenged, glamorous, relaxed, and inspired. Write a list of feelings that you think you would have if you had your perfect job?
Making yourself aware of how your would want to feel, helps you break down the list of potential jobs you may already be considering.
Once you know how you want to feel, then you can make sure to work towards those feelings in what you do everyday. Making yourself feel as if you already have this perfect job, is actually how you will attract it to yourself. It is the law of attraction and it is also where the phrase “fake it till you make it” stems from.

To sum up everything I just suggested, here are my three recommendations:

1) Figure out what hobbies you have and what you love to do. Commit to working on one of those hobbies regardless if you will be paid.
2) Decide how you would feel if you had your perfect job. What would your core-desired feelings be?
3) Make a pact with yourself to make choices that will bring you happiness.

I hope you find this helpful and I wish you all the luck in the world in finding a job that feeds your soul.

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