The “Just Love” shop is OPEN!!!


I am so excited to announce that the ‘Just Love’ shop is finally open!!! Recently, Just Love has partnered with an amazing organization called the “Get Real Movement”. Get Real has created merchandise with the logo ‘Just Love’, and as we mutually love what the other brand does, will be giving you guys a special discount code to purchase these amazing products.

The Get Real Movement is a non-profit organization that helps spread love and awareness to the LGBTQ community through providing education on the impact of language. All of the proceeds of the merchandise goes back into the brand to help fund youth empowerment programs in universities and high schools across Canada. They have recently begun to make their mark on the U.S. as well as Canada; this organization is truly taking the world by storm.
If you go to the Just Love shop  you will find photos of all the sweaters and hats with the logo “Just Love” on them. Click the picture of the item that you’re interested in and you will be directed to the Get Real website, where you can finalize your purchase.

Don’t forget to use the promo code to get 15% off your purchase: MelissaJustLove

Here I am modelling some of the merchandise 😀

I also wore the ‘Just Love’ sweater on the newest show I am hosting called, ‘Qriket Live’. I ironed it here so you’ll have a better idea of how LOVELY it looks on when ironed haha. The sweater that I’m wearing in the pictures above was fresh out of the box, so that’s why it’s so wrinkly hehe.

Sometimes you need a little reminder on what’s important in life. Wearing clothing with positive messages like this will not only help you stay on track, but it will also remind others to as well.

People always ask me, “How can one person make a difference?” It starts with baby steps like this… buying something because you know it might help shift your energy, shift the energy around you, as well as go towards a good cause. Many little positive choices can eventually turn into one giant difference.

I’m extremely obsessed with the ‘Just Love’ Merch and I hope you guys #JustLove them too!






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