More BLOG-CASTS!!!! <3

Hello my loves,

After last weeks post that included my first Blog-Cast, I decided to record a few of my favourite blogs to share with you once again in audio form! I had such a fun time reciting these blogs so I hope you guys enjoy them!

The first Blog-Cast is entitled: “Is There A “One” Person For Us? Here I discuss various ideas that we were taught as children that may block us from enjoying our life experience.

My second blog is called “My ‘Goal’ Ring” . Here I tell you about how I came up with the idea for a Goal ring and how it has helped me stay on track through-out the years.

The next Blog-Cast is called, “Love Is Freedom”. This blog discusses the idea of giving people freedom to be as they are and that will essentially lead to healthy relationships.

I hope you enjoy these Blog-Casts, and as always I’m sending you all so much love!!!

Melissa ♡ 


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