This week…

Hello my loves!

This morning’s ‘Monday Motivation Mail’ has gone out so check those inboxes! A new Namaslay video will be out on Wednesday and I’m very excited to share this one with you!

In PEEKS NEWS: For those of you that join me on the app PEEKS (Profile is @MelissaMelottey if you want to check me out), my live streaming schedule for the week is below. It’s a general outline of when I plan to stream, but as always, sometimes things come up and I’m unable to stream during the time I’ve listed. I will be on everyday and will do my best to keep to this schedule!

Monday: 5pm- Coffee Chats

Tuesday: 10am – Meditation + Affirmations

Wednesday: 10pm -MEL’S WORLD.

Thursday: 10 am or 11am – Goal update + Chat!

Friday: Midday stream – around 2:30ish.

Saurday: TBA (Check site for update)

Sun: TBA (Check site for update)

Looking forward to having another beautiful week with you all and as always I’m sending you all so much love!!!!


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