Taking care of myself – My Journey

Oh hey my loves!

From time to time I have come on here and shared bits and pieces of my story and I’ve decided that today would be another one of those days.

This year has been a bloody whirlwind for me so far. So many high high and so many low lows. I’ve begun many new journeys and ended some. I’ve felt extremely on track towards my goals and then completely off track. I have had moments of pure bliss and moments of absolute torture.

On my most recent podcast I talked about the idea of how struggling in life can lead to a happier life (Click here to listen). I’ve watched a lot of youtube videos recently on rewiring our brains to view struggling as a good thing and as much as I totally agree, I, more than ever, understand why selling a life without worries is a billion dollar industry. I think it’s even the reason the self-help industry does so well…because people will do anything to be happier…to find a way to achieve that blissful life that is marketed to us.

In the last few years, self-help has been more popular than ever and I think it’s for many reasons including the fact that we don’t socialize in a fulfilling way anymore (via social media and cell phone use) —causing major anxiety and depression. Movies more than ever project unrealistic lives that people are hoping to take on as their own. We live in a world of projected “Instant fame”… projected “Instant gratification” and yet, the world isn’t that way. I think people begin to realize that and then the depression begins. Then the thoughts of unworthiness begins and they feel as if they aren’t as good as everyone else. That’s when they turn to Self-Help. That’s when they turn to a plethora of books, motivational speakers, conferences, you name it, that will guide them along the journey back to actual reality.

So I have been struggling recently…but I’ve been trying to find a way to be ok with it. For it’s my disney princess belief system that actually makes me resist the struggle and tries to convince me that I’m doing something wrong because I’m struggling. But no…to struggle is apart of life. I use to believe that there must be a solution to why I feel a certain way or if I wasn’t perfect at something, then I had to think it through until I came up with a solution to be better. But now I know that no matter how many small problems I solve, there will always be the yin and yang. There will always be struggle. It just doesn’t go away. You cant out-think everything. Perhaps maybe robots will, but humans…we have yin and yang always. Souls have yin and yang always.

Knowing that no matter how many self help books you read…you will never be happy always. That is just life. You will always have struggle sometimes.

Perhaps giving into the struggle might inevitably give you more joy and peace. Perhaps acceptance is the key.

You know what though…we all know this. Everything in the self-help world is knowledge we all know deep down but we’ve forgotten…that’s why it resonates so well. Everyone knows that taking a breath when we struggle will help it be easier…but for some reason we all forget.

Anyways I can rant about this forever haha but I just wanted to get real for a few seconds and get this off my chest and to declare that I’m freakin struggling haha. It’s hard waking up in the mornings some days…but usually pushing myself through those days…leads to better days and nights where all is calm.

Anyways, if you’re someone struggling right now, I’m here with ya.

Sending ya’ll so much love and light!

xox Melissa


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