NamaSLAY Podcast (16) – Anthropology and Cults? with Sarah Duignan (Creator & Host of AnthroDish)

The newest episode of The NamaSLAY Podcast has just been released on iTunes & SoundCloud (CLICK THE LINK BELOW to listen). In this episode I spoke to Sarah Duignan, the creator & host of the podcast AnthroDIsh! We talk about everything from her goals, to her process of creating AnthroDish!🤩. Its such an interesting talk and I know you guys will love it! In this podcast I also have my very first GIVEAWAY!!! See details below to be entered! ☀️

The NamaSLAY Podcast can be found on iTunes & SoundCloud. To support this podcast go to When you support the podcast, you will also get 1 free monthly meditation, the Just Love “Spreading Love Calendar” and much more. ☀️

To be entered in for the amazon gift card giveaway:
1. Follow me @MelissaMelottey on Instagram.
2. Like the most recent photo!
3. Comment on the most recent photo by tagging 2 friends who you think might be interested in the NamaSLAY Podcast* and tell me 1 thing that you’re grateful for!

Love you guys so so much and sending you all so much love, light & motivation to go tackle your goals!✨❤️🙌 NamaSLAY.


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