Just Love by Melissa is your one stop love shop where you may come for ideas, merchandise and motivation for living an enriching life. Our focus is to inspire you to fall in love with yourself. Just Love will show you what you can do, watch, read, eat and create to stay committed to living a life of self-love.Β  We feel that self love is the key to authentic happiness. Once we love ourselves, then we can truly love others and that is when we can change the world.

Mission: To empower and motivate the world to live a life of self-love.

Vision: To see the day where people stop living from a place of fear and start living from a place of love.


Melissa MelotteyΒ  – Writer and Creator

Melissa Melottey has always felt that her truest self just wants to love. If you were to rip off her skin, take away her bones and flesh, you would see a soul that beats to make other people feel the power of love.

She began her journey in high school where she started saying, “Just Love Me” as a positive replacement phrase to the expression, “Don’t Hate”. Just Love Me quickly became a go-to slang among her peers and it eventually evolved into “Just Love”. Two years ago, after some extensive soul searching, Melissa realized that her ultimate purpose in life is to spread love and she had a light bulb moment when she realized how the “Just Love” phrase was always there as a sign. From that point on, she decided to experiment with the idea of creating the brand Just Love, and eventually, she found herself envisioning this site. A site where she could share her thoughts and ideas about living a life of love, and a place where people can come for hope, in an internet-world filled with fear.

Melissa is also an actress/singer living in Toronto. She intends to make all of her dreams come true.

Alex Ivanov – Managing Editor

Julie Campkin – Contributor