Let’s Spread Some Love Today…#SpreadingLoveSundays


I’ve decided that Sundays will be dedicated to Spreading Love. My favorite thing to do is spread love, and since Sunday is my favorite day, combing them into one, only seems logical…and natural…and amazingly perfect.

(Said in an epic introducing voice) I SHALL CALL IT: #SpreadingLoveSundays. #superoriginal.

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My “Just Love” Story

My Just Love Story

Dear Readers,

Last year I began the journey of committing to a life of love. Now you may say, “Ok…that’s a little broad, what does that even mean?” Well, when I decided to commit to it, I didn’t exactly know myself; all I knew was that I no longer wanted to give hate a moment of my time. All I knew was that hate made me feel bad, and love made me feel good…and I just didn’t have time to feel bad anymore.

I first decided that I would try to spread love among everyone I came across. The moment I decided this, my world began to magically change. People on the streets would respond to me positively, people at work would be loving towards me, and anything that wasn’t serving my life of love, found a way to fade out of my life.

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