The “Just Love” shop is OPEN!!!


I am so excited to announce that the ‘Just Love’ shop is finally open!!! Recently, Just Love has partnered with an amazing organization called the “Get Real Movement”. Get Real has created merchandise with the logo ‘Just Love’, and as we mutually love what the other brand does, will be giving you guys a special discount code to purchase these amazing products.

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Healthy comes in many different Shapes and Sizes.

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I have always been a skinny gal. My father is very tall and skinny and I of course have the same bone structure as him. I also danced for more then half of my life and since dance, I have continued to be active by going to the gym and running a lot. But besides that, you may be surprised that I was never very healthy.

All of my life people would look at me and say, “Eat a hamburger your too skinny!” or “Oh my gosh, have you lost weight again?“. The truth is, I probably was loosing weight, but its because I was lacking nutrition from all the junk food I would consume.

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Find your perfect workout


Over the years, I have heard many people say, “Working out is boring”, or “I have no motivation for it”, or the classic…”Does eating McDonald’s count? I’m working out my mouth!”. All I have to say in response to that, is that you just haven’t found an exercise that you enjoy yet. Working out doesn’t have to be work. Yes, I realize that the title certainly has the word ‘work’ in it…but seriously, when you find the right exercise, working out can be really fun.

When I was young, I was a competitive dancer. When I got older, I got really interested in going to the gym. Then I tried boxing and I got really into that. Now, I’m back to dancing again. Most of the time, in order to continue to improve, you need to experiment and change up your routine. My task for you this summer, is to explore all the different types of exercise that you like or that your interested in trying. Make a list of 5 different kinds and make it a goal to try something new once a week for the next 5 weeks. At the end of each week, write down how you felt about the workout; what you liked, what you disliked etc. Then after the 5 weeks, review what you liked the most and try to incorporate 2 of the exercises into your weekly routines.

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