My Coconut Almond Balls!

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Yesterday I posted a picture of some delicious treats on Instagram and following that post, I had a number of people request that I write a post on the recipe. So without further ado…


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My Cleansing Recipes – #WednesdayCleanseDay!


Part of loving your body is taking the time to give it the nutrients it needs. Every so often, I like to do a cleanse and wipe out all the toxins (like Mcdonalds and sugar) that I’ve been feeding my body. I feel completely rejuvenated afterwards and I suddenly feel as if I have found the energy of my 12 year old self again.

This week Ive decided to go completely vegan and eat only fruits and veg. I’ve done a lot of research and along the way I’ve created some yummy smoothies and salads that I really want to share with you guys.

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