My Skin Experiment #loveyourbody


Skin and and I have known eachother since birth. Skin is probably one of my oldest friends. Just like some of my friends, skin and I go through periods (no pun intended) of being amazing bff’s and then were completely distant. Skin knows how to hurt me deeply with her cystic acne, and I know how to push her buttons with some crappy mcdonalds and junk food.

Our relationship is usually a balancing act. But recently, Skin has been very angry with me. I take full ownership though. I should of listened to skin better and I should of done research on what would make her happy. I shouldn’t of hurt her feelings by eating too many chocolate bunnies on Easter and many many chocolate oranges on Christmas. I also didn’t clean her with the right products, causing her to have many allergic reactions.

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Is Sugar Controlling Your Life?


This year I made a resolution to get a hold of my eating habits. OK GUYS, I know that it seems to be trendy to not follow through on resolutions… but I have never been one for following the leader. So, a few weeks ago, I decided to do a 21 day sugar detox.

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