The NamaSLAY Podcast (25) – CBT Therapy for Anxiety & Depression!

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) changed my life. For anyone who struggles with Anxiety or Depression, CBT is worth trying. Its a type of therapy that gets you to analyze your thought processes, helps you understand where your thinking may be distorted and helps you get your thoughts to a more balanced state.

In this episode of The NamaSLAY Podcast, I share my thoughts and experience with CBT, teach you how to do a thought record, give you resources for you to do some of your own research and much more.

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This picture is such a good representation of the newest episode of The NamaSLAY podcast with Entertainment PR Amira de Vera 🙌 CLICK THE PICTURE ABOVE to listen 🙏 Amira’s energy is seriously contagious and without a doubt you will leave this episode feeling a bit happier. 🤩❤️

On another note, this episode is special to me personally because it’s number 23!!! Most of you by now know that I weirdly see it everywhere and it has been a sign to me to keep doing what I’m doing and stay positive…and this episode gave me that exact reassurance because of how positive it is. This is the kind of content I want to continue to create. The kind that uplifts your soul and you leave a happier person. 🙌Stay tuned for more love and goal talk coming your way✌🏻

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NamaSLAY Podcast (20) – Anna Rova on Relationships and Male/Female energy

🍂Happy THANKSGIVING everyone!!! 🍂🍂

🍁 Are you a fan of the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”? Well if you are, then I know you’ll enjoy this chat with ‘Feminine Embodiment Coach’- Anna Rova! Not only does she teach the lessons from that relationship bible, but she interviewed John Gray all about it and thats what we talk about in this episode. 🔥 


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