How To: Overcome Heartache! (Hint: Love is the key)


I have experienced heartache in many different forms in my life; heartache over death, heartache over a loss of a relationship, heartache while still in a relationship, and heartache over discovering that the world doesn’t have magical dragons and wizards like it would have in my favorite childhood stories.

I was experiencing relationship heartache very recently actually and that is what has inspired me to right this post.

From previous experiences, I have reflected and have now discovered a few secrets to getting through the days when you feel heartache.

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Love is Freedom.

“If you love somebody, set them free.” How often have you heard that phrase throughout your life? How often have you actually listened and done just that?

Until recently this phrase made no impact on my brain. When we give someone the freedom to be who they are, to make choices without judgement, to come and go as they please…THAT is love. That is respect. We all have our own life path and our own goals, and not every relationship is meant to last forever. People are placed in our lives for a reason and sometimes that reason simply expires. Sometimes a lesson has been learnt and the time comes that you’re meant to part ways. If we can become aware of that and be open to whatever may happen and trust the flow of life we will find it easier to give people the freedom to be who they are. We will then know that no matter what happens, no matter what people do, this was just a part of our life paths.

If you’re thinking that setting them free means letting them go, you have missed the point. Setting them free means giving them the space to be as they are; to be their whole and complete self. It means showing them compassion for their faults and accepting them as they are. That is pure love.

There is no guidebook on how to live life and therefore no right or wrong decisions to be made. If we can come to terms with that, then we can understand everyone is trying their best. If we can acknowledge that, then it could be easier for us to give people the freedom they deserve.

So here is what our goal should be: aim to allow everyone to be as they are. Aim to accept everyone’s flaws. Aim to show compassion always. Aim to give everyone love…by setting them free.

Melissa ♡



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Just Love is Changing…

Hey Friends,

Over the last few months, I have been brainstorming about what I want to do next with “Just Love”. As much as I love to write, I feel that recently I have been experiencing major writers block…hence the reason I haven’t been posting blogs as consistently anymore. I haven’t stopped coaching my ideas onto others, in fact, I have found that I am so much more effective with my messages when I deliver them through video.

As you may have previously seen on my site, I have been broadcasting that I now do “Self-Help” live-streams on this new app called, “Peeks”. I try to orchestrate my streams to revolve around meditation, spiritual talks, angel readings and love.

I want to extend an invitation to all of my Just Love readers and followers to join me on Peeks. All you have to do is download the app and follow me @MelissaMelottey.

My schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday: Morning Gratitude chats and Meditation: 11:00 am

Wed: Angel Readings: 10:00pm

Friday: Blissful Fridays – What brings you Joy?: 10:00 am

Saturday: Relationship talk!!! Are you attracting the kind of partner you truly want?: 3:00pm

I hope to see some of your lovely faces there! Bare with me as I do some changes on this site. I think it is slowly molding into a kind of diary of my journey. I want to make you a part of my everyday life, so that you can see how I apply self-love and spread love, to make my world spectacular.

All you need is love.

Melissa ♡



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