How to: Find a job that feeds your soul

This is blog dedicated to anyone who may be stuck in a job that they don’t necessarily love.


As most of you know, I am an actress. Acting is my passion and it helps make me feel whole. Another passion that you may know of…I love to help people; hence my site dedicated to helping people fall in love with themselves.

Being an actress that hasn’t fully established herself yet, can have it’s pros and cons. Such as, when I don’t book anything or when I don’t get any auditions, there’s a lot of sitting around and doing nothing. For a person who has always been motivated to be the best at what she loves, you can imagine how heartbreaking it is for me to sit still and wait.

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Dear High School Me…

In the theme of back to school, I have decided to write a letter to 17 year old me. This letter is a big reminder that time heals all wounds and that even when you’re going through the hardest time, light is always at the end of the tunnel.

Dear High School me…

Highschool me...

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You’ve been Friend-Zoned


Being friend-zoned is not fun. I’ve been friend-zoned a few times in my life and every time, it has sucked. You feel rejected, unloved and sad, all of which are not fun. I’m not here to tell you that being friend-zoned can be fun, but to tell you that it’s ok to sit in your emotions and feel sad about it. It’s ok to be sad! Life isn’t always rainbows and smiles. Life is filled with many different moments that bring out a whole bucket of different emotions…and if you’re a Gemini, then a few different personalities as well (ba-dum tchh…I’m a Gemini). So let yourself feel. To feel means to be alive, and know that you’re sad only because of the lack of love in the situation, not because you can’t be loved.

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