Classical music for your soul!


In the age of Beyonce, Jay Z and Miley Cyrus, classical music is not as popular as it was in the 1800’s.

When I was an early teenager, my dad started to like classical music. We would listen to it in his car on the ride home from his house and it always had a nice way of putting me to sleep LOL. But before the sleep, I would usually feel very calm and it had a way of bringing me back to the present.
Remembering this, motivated me to put my little investigators cap on and see if there’s more to classical music than we might know.

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Go on Adventures!!!


Do you want to know how to give your soul some love? Go on adventures. Adventures take us away from our daily habits and let us experience something new. I find that they also help us become present and grateful again and boy does my soul love that. So for those reasons, I try to plan an adventure once a week.

Adventures don’t have to be extravagant. They don’t even have to be costly. Recently, my brother and I found this amazing forest near our house and explored it for almost 2 hours. It was fabulous and we plan to go back with our mom and have a picnic next time.

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How to: Embrace Negative People

EmbracenegativepplGrowing up and becoming the person that I am today, I dealt with many bumps in the road. One of my biggest struggles was around not knowing how to deal with negative attitudes.

For a few years I found myself avoiding many people because of their attitudes and interests. I had a very hard time hanging out with so many people because I was afraid of their moods or current attitudes rubbing off on me. Anyone that would talk and complain about their problems…hell I completely shut you out for a while. Now is the moment where I must apologize for being so hard on you!

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