The NamaSLAY Podcast (48) – Mitch Parker (Real Estate Marketing & Sales Expert)

Today’s special guest on The NamaSLAY Podcast is real estate marketing and sales expert Mitch Parker! In this episode, we talk about everything from how to invest in Toronto- to how you don’t need to love what you do to be happy. His infectious personality will have you smiling all through the next 40 mins! Enjoy! 😃 

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NamaSLAY Podcast (47) – Barun Gorain (Engineer & Author)

💕The newest episode of The NamaSLAY Podcast is with the amazing Barun Gorain! He is an engineer and the author of the new book ” Seven Essentials to Transform your life”. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I learned from this extremely wise soul, but click the link below and you can find out for yourself!

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