Seek out Challenges!


Pushing yourself to learn and seek out challenges, is one of the best ways that you can show your mind some love. The mind likes moving forward (well technically the ego does) and when we learn and grow, our minds are given a sense of peace. I’m assuming that this is where the expression β€œpeace of mind” has came from. This then leads us to a place of self love and appreciation and that is exactly where we want to be. πŸ˜›

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My Skin Experiment #loveyourbody


Skin and and I have known eachother since birth. Skin is probably one of my oldest friends. Just like some of my friends, skin and I go through periods (no pun intended) of being amazing bff’s and then were completely distant. Skin knows how to hurt me deeply with her cystic acne, and I know how to push her buttons with some crappy mcdonalds and junk food.

Our relationship is usually a balancing act. But recently, Skin has been very angry with me. I take full ownership though. I should of listened to skin better and I should of done research on what would make her happy. I shouldn’t of hurt her feelings by eating too many chocolate bunnies on Easter and many many chocolate oranges on Christmas. I also didn’t clean her with the right products, causing her to have many allergic reactions.

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