5 ways to Wind down and Relax. #metime


I am someone that is constantly on the go. I act, work two jobs and I work on this website. Juggling all of that, plus making time to be social, and making time for myself, can be very hard at times.

I’ve come up with a plan that is my go-to list of things to do that helps me wind down and relax. My mind is constantly thinking of the next thing that I should be working on; so this list is a great way to help me pause and take a moment for myself.

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Healthy comes in many different Shapes and Sizes.

healthy blog

I have always been a skinny gal. My father is very tall and skinny and I of course have the same bone structure as him. I also danced for more then half of my life and since dance, I have continued to be active by going to the gym and running a lot. But besides that, you may be surprised that I was never very healthy.

All of my life people would look at me and say, “Eat a hamburger your too skinny!” or “Oh my gosh, have you lost weight again?“. The truth is, I probably was loosing weight, but its because I was lacking nutrition from all the junk food I would consume.

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Coming clean – My little Confession.

comingcleanblogHello my loves,

Today I thought I would do a little confession blog.

Recently, I’ve noticed that there’s a big part of me that I’ve been scared to show the world. Being a Gemini, they’re many different sides to me (haha), and I tend to only show the happy, excited side.

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