Spreading love to our mothers ♡

This week we are going to focus on spreading love specifically to our moms. Why? because its MOTHERS DAY today!

First of all, Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there! I feel so blessed to have the mom that I have so I do think we should take this day very seriously.

Yes it was a day created by stores to make some extra cash between now and Halloween. BUT, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a good message behind it. Celebrating the person that gave birth to us should be a top priority all the time. But life does get in the way; so this is a great reminder for us to remember how blessed we are to have our mothers.

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My Cleansing Recipes – #WednesdayCleanseDay!


Part of loving your body is taking the time to give it the nutrients it needs. Every so often, I like to do a cleanse and wipe out all the toxins (like Mcdonalds and sugar) that I’ve been feeding my body. I feel completely rejuvenated afterwards and I suddenly feel as if I have found the energy of my 12 year old self again.

This week Ive decided to go completely vegan and eat only fruits and veg. I’ve done a lot of research and along the way I’ve created some yummy smoothies and salads that I really want to share with you guys.

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Let’s Spread Some Love Today…#SpreadingLoveSundays


I’ve decided that Sundays will be dedicated to Spreading Love. My favorite thing to do is spread love, and since Sunday is my favorite day, combing them into one, only seems logical…and natural…and amazingly perfect.

(Said in an epic introducing voice) I SHALL CALL IT: #SpreadingLoveSundays. #superoriginal.

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