Find your perfect workout


Over the years, I have heard many people say, “Working out is boring”, or “I have no motivation for it”, or the classic…”Does eating McDonald’s count? I’m working out my mouth!”. All I have to say in response to that, is that you just haven’t found an exercise that you enjoy yet. Working out doesn’t have to be work. Yes, I realize that the title certainly has the word ‘work’ in it…but seriously, when you find the right exercise, working out can be really fun.

When I was young, I was a competitive dancer. When I got older, I got really interested in going to the gym. Then I tried boxing and I got really into that. Now, I’m back to dancing again. Most of the time, in order to continue to improve, you need to experiment and change up your routine. My task for you this summer, is to explore all the different types of exercise that you like or that your interested in trying. Make a list of 5 different kinds and make it a goal to try something new once a week for the next 5 weeks. At the end of each week, write down how you felt about the workout; what you liked, what you disliked etc. Then after the 5 weeks, review what you liked the most and try to incorporate 2 of the exercises into your weekly routines.

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To Forgive is to Love♡


Hello my loves,

This week’s Monday Morning Motivation Mail was themed around forgiveness, and because this theme is very dear to my heart this week, I have decided to write a post on it.

There’s a quote that I really love, it’s from one of my favorite movies called, “Georgia Rule” and it goes like this, “To forgive is to move forward, Georgia rule”.

I  believe that to forgive is to move forward, but also to forgive is to love. For when we don’t forgive and we hold anger within us, we are unable to fully move forward and experience all the world has to offer when we choose love. It takes just as much energy to choose to love as it does to choose to hate…its still just a choice.

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