October Spreading Love Calendar!

Hello my lovelies! ❤️Happy October! MY FAVOURITE MONTH WOO! (#Justlove)❤️

This month I have decided to release my monthly ‘Spreading Love Calendar’. Every month, I design this Spreading Love calendar that has tasks for you to do to spread love, uplift the vibrations of the people around you, and of course to uplift yourself. When you become a Patreon subscriber of mine, you get this monthly calendar along with a few other goodies for supporting me. This month I have decided to make it available to everyone!

I will be posting the daily tasks on Instagram: @JustLovebyMelissa so that is where you will get a friendly reminder, as well as, where you can comment about what tasks you have done and any stories you want to share!

Feel free to share this calendar with your friends and use these hashtags to find others who are participating!!❤️❤️ >>  #SpreadingLoveCalendar #NamaSLAYPodcast << ❤️❤️

Lets go SLAY at these tasks and spread some love!!! xox


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NamaSLAY Podcast (18) – Understanding Triggers ( How to overcome your triggers and how you trigger others)

❤️In this episode of the NamaSLAY Podcast (Bedtime Edition), I talk about triggers! How to understand when you’re being triggered, how to become more aware of what triggers you and how you may unconsciously be triggering others.

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Episode Brief: Something that I have been thinking about lately is how often we don’t realize that we are being triggered and how often we trigger others. 

What does it mean to be triggered? To be triggered means that some person, place or thing has in some way caused you to feel negatively and that feeling comes from a past negative experience or deep belief. 

A few signs that you have been triggered would be when you feel: 

  1. Scared
  2. Annoyed 
  3. Angry 

Those are the three main ones but any negative emotion is pretty much a sign. Our culture doesn’t necessarily think about why specific emotions come up and at the root of where they’re from. I personally think that this is one of the key parts to your journey in order for your soul to learn the lessons you are meant to learn and grow. 

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NamaSLAY Podcast (17) – Katie Zeppieri (Creator of Girl Talk Empowerment)

“When you’re confident with the fact that you don’t know everything…that’ll put you in a great position for success.” Katie Zeppieri.

Today on the NamaSLAY Podcast I’m chatting with Katie Zeppieri, Creator of Girl Talk Empowerment. To LISTEN to this episode CLICK THIS LINK: https://soundcloud.com/justlovebymelissa/namaslay-podcast-17-katie-zeppieri-creator-of-girl-talk-empowerment

In this episode, we chat about Katies journey so far, her thoughts on how to make yourself more coachable for success and the labels that we put on ourselves that sometimes get in the way along our journeys. I also get a little vulnerable and tell Katie about a struggle that I have been dealing with.

Here is a picture of Katie and I after we recorded the podcast!

CLICK the photo to listen to this episode! 

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To learn more about the NamaSLAY Podcast and Melissa’s mission to spread love, got to Patreon.com/JustLoveByMelissa

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Instagram: @MelissaMelottey
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