The NamaSLAY Podcast Ep 33 in video format!

Oh HEY My Lovelies!

If you’re more of a video content consumer, here is the first 35 mins of Ep. 33 of The NamaSLAY Podcast, with Skin Guru “Olena Beley” from This girl has some fantastic wisdom to share with you guys, and I know without a doubt that you will enjoy this one. 😝✨

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The NamaSLAY Podcast (9) – Crystal Readings with Emylee Cuthbertson from Gemstone Whispers

Hey Guys!!!

Episode 9 of The NamaSLAY Podcast is out on iTunes & Soundcloud (Links below)!

In this podcast I speak with Emylee Cuthbertson from Gemstone Whispers, about her crystal psychic readings and jewelry! This girl is seriously awesome and this episode is a ‘must listen to’ for all of you spiritual nerds out there like myself. I’ve mentioned her on about 3 of my other podcasts so I’m SO EXCITED that I finally got to sit down with her and chat. I know you guys will love this one!!

You can book a reading with Emylee by messaging her via Instagram at:
@Gemstone_Whispers. All of her jewelry is showcased on this account as well, so check them out while you’re at it!

You can also contact her via facebook on her Gemstone Whispers page!

Love you guys so much and as always, I’m sending you all so much love, light and motivation to tackle those goals! NamaSLAY!

iTunes :


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Coming clean – My little Confession.

comingcleanblogHello my loves,

Today I thought I would do a little confession blog.

Recently, I’ve noticed that there’s a big part of me that I’ve been scared to show the world. Being a Gemini, they’re many different sides to me (haha), and I tend to only show the happy, excited side.

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